Wednesday, September 20, 2006

لا أحب دمشق

لا احب دمشق ولو فيروز غنت
لأن الصيف لم يعد
ولم يبتهج الدرب
ولا الطير المشرد
زار عشه

لم يسأل الحب عن أي زمن مباح
ففي الشام مات الهوى
وفي الشام
مات تاريخ الملاحم
ونحرت رماحها
قلوب ياسمينها
وعلى جبل شيخها
نصبوا تمثالا لهزائمها
وقصائدا لإسطورة انتصارها

لا أحب دمشق
لا القهر المتجمع على خديها
ولا يباس غوطتها
لا شوارعها الملدوغة بتاريخ مقيت
ولا مخبريها

لا أحب دمشق
ولا أشتاق لرؤيتها
عاصمة للخراب وللسجون

لا أحب فيروز تغني لها
لا أحب دمشق
ولو فيروز غنتها

غياث الجندي
20 أيلول

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Pope and the wave of Madness

Once again, a war between two maniacs started.
The Pope’s interest to show his Superior religion came to the surface of his empty pots and the most expected wave of Madness from the Muslims all around the universe. On Aljazeera screen, you see the message: the Pope has not apologised properly followed by another wave of Madness where “Angry Muslims” burnt three churches in the West Bank…Al-Qardawi, a militant Islamic Mad hosted by Qataris, calls for “A rational Protesting Day” against the insult while he and other Muslims are allowed to insult Christians and call them “infidels”.
Once again, after the Cartoon Madness, Muslims prove that they are really unable to accept to listen to any other different opinion. They all prove that for them there is only Islam and nothing else. They are protesting against a man, the Pope, who claims that his religion is perfect. They are protesting to say that they are perfect. Who is perfect then? How can we decide? Both parties are making our lives like a hell.

When I see these massive crowds protesting against a sentence said by an old man, I feel how back we are, how many years we need to be normal. To accept that life is not only the Prophet and the Qura’n, life is dignity and normality.
When I hear an ailing man, like the Pope, travelling to his country of birth to compare between religions and showing his Superiority, I feel how empty is life.

Religion must be a relation between a human being and her/his God or Gods not a theme for wars and hatred.

G. Aljundi