Monday, March 12, 2007

الله الغائب ورقابة المتحجرين

الله الغائب ورقابة المتحجرين

إذا كان بإمكانكم أن تتصفحوا هذه المدونة وتروا ماحصل لمقالة فيها
كنت كتبت مقالة صغيرة اسمها الله الغائب. من طرف الإبداع أن أحدا ما دخل الموقع ودمر تلك المقالة
طبعا في البداية فرحت لأنه لم يدمر كافة الموقع. إنْ أكد ذلك على شيء فإنه يدل على مدى تحجر العقول التي تسمح لنفسها أنْ تدافع عن "الله" بتخريب أشياء الآخرين
لم تكن هذه صفعة لي لأني متعود على سموم هؤلاء المتأسلمين المتدينين الغارقين في ظلامهم وجهلهم.
لم تكن مقالة الله الغائب" مسيئة لأي دين أو معتقد إنما كانت تعبيرا صغيرا لعلاقتي بما يسمى الله
غياث الجندي
2007،آذار 12

Monday, March 05, 2007

Understanding 1

You understand
What you choose
To understand!!

And what you choose;
You push hard to make me understand

Understanding is to let you speak
Understanding is
To listen to me
And not fabricate a story
The story is what you understood
It is not at all
What it was said.

Understanding is a spirit!
Understanding is a bird;
The bird can’t fly
When it is caged
In a few closed words

Understanding is
The way we exist

And the way we exist;
Is to try to understand


5 March 2007

Thursday, March 01, 2007


When you are passing
Through the burnt fields
When you are climbing
The walls of tears
When you are diving
Into the mud of years

When your last word is unheard
When your last song
Is not played
When your last cloud
Hasn’t brought rain

Is the last journey
To the valley of freedom
To the party of friendly worms
The company of stones
The end of end
Of every difficult life

Death is there
When you are not asked to pray
To a lying God
When you hear yourself
More than you are ever heard
When you lie to dream
There are no more throngs
In the mouth of days…

Death is there
When you are not a subject
To an envious brain
When you are not required
To testify your faults
When you are not wanted
To be investigated
For a fire you have never set


Salvation from slavery of days
You have never chosen
Or you have never recommended
To an eye or heart

London 28.02.07


Is it?
Yes it is:
And burning to the depth of any feeling
May still exists!!!

Is it?
Yes it is:
Unsuitable to be
It is burning to any feeling
May still exists!!
I have not seen it
I have not heard it
I have not meant to see it
To reject it
To accept it
To think about it
To ignore it
It is burning to any feeling
May still exists

Things come and go
Live and die
Flourish and fade
This thing:
never faded
Never died
And never was wanted to go away
It is devastating
And damaging to any feeling
I might have still reserved

I have a love with me
Somebody is next to me
I love her
And she loves me
That makes any feeling
May still exist
trying to exist.

Lodon 1.03.2007